[Vwdiesel] parts! Loss of power win NA motor

Travis Gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 06:37:47 PDT 2011

Just a thought with the lose of power it does seem that there is something wrong in the fuel system. First seem if the IV drip method will work. Hang a can of diesel up front and connect to the Injection Pump. If it starts and runs fine then it would be a delievery system before the pump. If bad then it is at the pump or after. Also how are you priming your fuel filter. I have an inline hand pump from the boating section of walmart that I use to prime my filter changes. Another thought is if the IV drip method works take your fuel cap off and run that way to see if it runs fine. Thinking there may be a possible air lock that won't let the fuel system draw fuel. 
Travis G 		 	   		  

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