[Vwdiesel] Looking for window parts

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 08:51:02 PDT 2011

On the Banana Rabbit, I have some window issues.

First, the glue-in vent windows are crap, and I broke one a while back.  I'd like to replace them either with fixed or bolt-in windows.  Either would require different frames though, and could come from a Rabbit, Jetta of similar vintage or Cabriolet of any year.

I did find a set of bolt-in windows in the garage, but no frames.  (So if you had frames with broken glass this could still be useful to me.)

If I don't find something soon, I may just use silicone and glue the good glass to the window and make my own "fixed" window...

Second, the rear window lifter is broken.  Not the actual regulator, but at the bottom of the glass is a part that kind of clamps/pinches to the glass to hold it, and is bolted to the regulator.  This pinching part is completely rusted and has broken in half, so no more clamping.  It could be unbolted from the regulator and then separated from the glass.  Again, there are regulators in the garage, but not this piece!  

Dave Cook

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