[Vwdiesel] Looking for window parts

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Thu Jul 28 09:04:10 PDT 2011

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davevw at yahoo.com writes:

Second,  the rear window lifter is broken.  Not the actual regulator, but 
at the  bottom of the glass is a part that kind of clamps/pinches to the 
glass to hold  it, and is bolted to the regulator.  This pinching part is 
completely  rusted and has broken in half, so no more clamping.  It could be 
unbolted  from the regulator and then separated from the glass.  Again, there are 
 regulators in the garage, but not this piece!   

That part sticks (ha!) with the glass.  You'll have to  find  a rear 
window, tap that piece off 
then tap it on yours.  Recently had to pull mine, weld it and put it  back 
on.  Did it with the 
glass in the car the whole time.  Tried to remove it but had to pull  the 
vent window to get it 
out and didn't have the stuff at home to do it.  (front window)
  I should have a fixed window...

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