[Vwdiesel] Ever had your car speak to you

Travis Gottschalk tgott at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 30 20:11:43 PDT 2011

So my car the last couple days has had the revs going up and down a little at idle. Idle when cold never has been that great on the car anyways so I haven't thought much about it. I noticed if I had my foot on the throttle a little it would even out and be fine. And being summer the oil pressure is just low enough when really hot that a little more revs I thought wouldn't hurt. So I open on the hood and start adjusting. I then notice one of the injectors is a little wet with fuel. Looks like the ruber line is leaking a bit. So I trim that. I start it and notice a little bit of air bubbles coming out of the injector (maybe just my eyes). So i put a new heat shield in to be safe. As I am looking at the injection pump as my hand was on it is seemed to move some. Yup-it was moving. The mounting bolts were loose/missing. The 1.9 TD AAZ only has 3 bolts holding the IP on and one was gone and the other two were a bit loose. So I got to start on the timing belt replacement as my belt had also slid over from the looseness and eat up 1/8 of an inch of the width of the belt. Put a new tensioner pulley in as well because it sounded dry enough (which these were 3 years old so close enough to due). I had another similar length bolt in my stock so I lock tighted them this time. I just need to put everything back in. Close call and thankfully my car was telling me something was up. 
Travis G

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