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 I just did a google search and came up with 418 pounds for the
oil and 40 pounds for the steel 55 gallon container. That's a
total of 458 pounds per barrel. Heavy but doable in my opinion
if they are trailered correctly.

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> Brian, I estimate a drum of WVO to be
> about 650 lbs.  I just moved 3 of them in the past few
> weeks.  you want to cart 2 of them behind you in a trailer
> for a major trip.  not the way to go.
> stop at local restaurants and filter as you go.  not ideal,
> but the only way I can see to do it.  tough to do unless
> the wife is Really into you setup.
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> Hi Folks;
>                 Today is a day of celebration. I
> finished my two tank heated
> Veggie system in my 1990 VW 1.6 Turbo diesel Fox Wagon. I
> have a 24 gallon
> WVO tank mounted where the back seat was. I have a
> centrifuge
> (simplecentrafuge.com) to clean the used fry oil from a
> local restaurant.
> About the only difference I can see in  running on veggie
> is that if I stand
> outside while the car is idling it smells like French fries.
> The power seems
> the same.  As a preliminary assessment I believe it has
> lowered my EGT when
> I'm hard on the throttle by about 50 degrees over running
> diesel. I still
> have a fully functioning diesel setup. I figure that it will
> take me about a
> years worth of driving on WVO to amortize the investment in
> the centrifuge
> and the conversion cost. Since that is money already spent
> I'm going to
> really enjoy every time I fill my veggie tank for almost
> nothing. Ruth and I
> have a summer trip planed to Western Pennsylvania which will
> mean about
> 5000 miles round trip. My next project is to build a box on
> a boat trailer I
> have so that I can haul a couple of 55 gallon drums of
> cleaned WVO. With
> that and my 24 gallon onboard tank I should be able to drive
> 5000 miles on
> less than  one tank of diesel which will be used when
> shutting down for a
> period of time. On cold startup I should be able to switch
> from diesel to
> WVO after 5 or 6 miles. Let me see. Toledo Washington to
> Slippery Rock
> Pennsylvania and back for less than 40 dollars worth of
> diesel. Now that
> sounds reasonable.
> Brian Decker
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