[Vwdiesel] What's my 2001 Golf worth?

Tad tadc at europa.com
Fri Aug 1 15:48:37 PDT 2014

Hey all - Well after over 14 years and 170k miles of faithful service, it's
time to move on from the TDI.

I got a deal I couldn't pass up on a new Outback, and I need to send my
Golf to a new home.

As we all know, most pricing guides either disregard or underestimate the
value of a TDI.  So... any ideas on what a 2001 Golf GLS TDI with 170k is
worth, or is anyone interested?

   - It's lived it's life in Oregon (no salt)
   - had a pretty steady diet of high-quality commercially-produced
   biodiesel (usually Sequential)
   - has a mild chiptune w/EGR delete
   - upgraded the stock garbage with Bilstein TC shocks/struts
   - injection pump rebuilt by DFIS
   - DMF replaced with single-mass VR6 clutch
   - Mechanical boost gauge(installed) w/A-pillar pod (not installed)
   - UK sport cluster with trip computer
   - probably some things I'm forgetting

Any comments or thoughts welcome.


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