[Vwdiesel] super slow on the list lately

Travis . tgott at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 4 09:42:25 PDT 2014

Not really slow-just not much time with the VW's. My 81 red rabbit car is working perfectly so I can't complain there. The 81 rabbit truck is doing ok but needs some suspension work I am guessing from the wobble that starts to happen at 60-70 mph and the slight howl when turning so I also guess wheel bearing. Haven't worked on either Golf yet. My one JD L&G tractor is leaking oil out the loader cylinders. I have another L&G tractor to tear into the engine. My wife is 3 months pregnant again. And I just moved due to a new job location (same company-different plant). I now "almost" am a homeowner for the first time. The appraisal was rejected by the PMI but the sellers let us into the house (and shop) before closing on the actual house. 

So-not slow-just busy with a lot of other things. 


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