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Likewise here.  I swear as soon as I'm not always sitting on a tractor, pulling a sprayer, I'm sitting on a tractor, pulling a sprayer again!
  I have managed to do (and had a little help doing) brakes, struts, wheel bearing, parking brake cables, etc, on the pickup.  Still need to get it aligned.  He somehow managed to get things back together so that the wheel is off a few  degrees and it pulls to the right.  New wheel bearing was messed up from the nut not  being fully tight so there went that alignment appt!  Haven't gotten back in since.  Short drive from home to the orchard thankfully.
  Did brakes on the Passats not too long ago and checked the rears on mine and they looked good.  Went metal on metal a couple days ago. Inner pad froze to the carrier (slidey pins were actually still free!)  Replaced that set and rotor today but ran out of time to do the other side.  It's normal and useable at least.  Just got done with a lot of littles on it as well;  ignition switch, straight bumper support (old one had been hit and straighten twice) new driving lights, reflectors, etc.  One reflector proceeded to fall out and get run over a couple days later.  :-P  New clutch cylinders, the pedal suddenly stayed half way down, then to the floor so, presuming it to be like Dad's when if failed, I replaced the most expensive one, the master, first.  Nope.  Did the slave and flushed the brakes as well.  Nope.  WTF???
  The problem with a helper when bleeding brakes (or clutch) is that you don't feel that something is still wrong when it still doesn't work!  I worked the pedal a couple times and knew there was a problem.  It was notchy.  The "cap" that holds the snap-in master cylinder rod/pivot in place,  had come half unwelded and flipped open, allowing the pedal to go to the floor, only pushing the mc rod half way before it just slipped through the bracket, letting the pedal down with no more "push" on the rod.  :-P

  OIl change and pull the pan on the MF 275 (enough past due it was burning oil) and epoxy putty-ed the fuel tank leak.  Of course Dad filled it up the next day and slopped fuel all over the steam cleaned engine...
   Have to pull the shifter lid off a 135 too, Will go into R and 1 but won't go int 2, 3  or 4.  Exploratory surgery.  It usually locks up into two gears at once, which is easily fixed through the filler hole.  Not this time!
  Yeah, busy...

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Not really slow-just not much time with the VW's. My 81 red rabbit car is 
orking perfectly so I can't complain there. The 81 rabbit truck is doing ok but 
eeds some suspension work I am guessing from the wobble that starts to happen 
t 60-70 mph and the slight howl when turning so I also guess wheel bearing. 
aven't worked on either Golf yet. My one JD L&G tractor is leaking oil out the 
oader cylinders. I have another L&G tractor to tear into the engine. My wife is 
 months pregnant again. And I just moved due to a new job location (same 
ompany-different plant). I now "almost" am a homeowner for the first time. The 
ppraisal was rejected by the PMI but the sellers let us into the house (and 
hop) before closing on the actual house. 
So-not slow-just busy with a lot of other things. 
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