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Mon Aug 11 14:09:27 PDT 2014

OK, I need someone to calm my fears or confirm them.  I just took another long trip in the 82 Jetta with the RA turbocharged engine (82 hp, water and oil cooled turbo, intercooler).  The air temperature was above 100F (sometimes as high as 105F).  We were running the AC and cruising at about 70 mph when I noticed that the coolant temp and oil temp had crept up quite a bit.  Now I have the “gauge” on the dash which was really pushing close to the 3rd tick mark, and a water temp gauge measuring water temp at he outlet on the front of the head as it goes to the radiator and it at times seated firmly at 250F.   Oil temperature is taken on the top of the oil filter/cooler housing and would touch 260F when the coolant temp was high.  We found that turning off the AC would drop the temp considerably as would slowing down.  Well when I got to Odessa (330 miles or so of slow driving and stopping to let everything cool, we did an overnight flush of the radiator and then added the correct amount of 50/50 coolant plus some Ultra lube super coolant.  On the way home, we had the same issues so my son and I made the decision that it must be the 32 year old radiator was partially clogged.  Sooooo, this morning, I drained and filtered the coolant, removed the old radiator and replaced it with what the supplier called an “HD replacement”.  Seems awfully thing and flimsy to me but my son the mechanic tells me that the aluminum radiators expel heat much better.  I do want to say that the car never overheated to the point of the warning light flashing or any other problems.  I didn’t let it get that hot.  Anyway with the new radiator, I am seeing a bit of a cool down front he previous one but the temperatures just seem high to me.  The cluster gauge now sits just to the right of the warning light and the water temp gauge says about 230-240F but on a hard run will touch 250F.  Everything immediately cools down at slower speeds.  Oil temp stays about 240-250F but will touch 260F on a hard run.  Fan is working properly and I even have a pusher fan mounted to the right of the main fan to help with AC cooling of the condenser.  Water pump was replaced with a good version with the cast metal impeller when I put the engine in the car.  All belts are tight.  So…..are these temps too high or OK?  I do have the stuff to remove the factory oil cooler/warmer and replace it with a small separate cooler of its own but haven’t don that yet.  Hayden

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