[Vwdiesel] MK1 Passenger side engine mount swap Update!

ken1 ktzkarz at embarqmail.com
Tue Aug 12 07:55:49 PDT 2014

Been an interesting few weeks; after I started the process to remove my broken passenger side mount, I made some startling discoveries;
found that one of my a/c compressor adjustment bolts missing and the other sheared off. Then while removing my a/c compressor, found the top port on my condenser was broken off, hence no coolant in a/c system. Then discovered that the top two bolts that connect the water pump and the bracket to the block were not completely tightened, which showed me where my very very slow coolant leak came from.  
To date, I have properly replaced the passenger side mount and the engine alignment seems right on. I also replaced the a/c compressor with a parallel flow condenser and have to replace or add on to the line from the drier to the bottom port of the condenser. 
I have installed the timing belt and it appears to be at the same relative position as it was when I removed the belt, but I see the flywheel TDC mark appear at the left edge of the hole, which implies that I may be a tooth off. Correct???
I will try again a bit later.
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