[Vwdiesel] coolant temperatures

Travis . tgott at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 12 14:41:46 PDT 2014

Honestly comparing to my 1.9 TD aaz engine those temps don't seem out of line. More so since you have AC as well and really hot temps. If I am pushing a fast speed down the interstate my oil temps will rise up pretty high. The indirect injection engines seem to just make more heat vs the TDI engines. Just as long as you aren't coking the oil from too hot or blowing the pressure relief on the coolant bottle cap and you have enough oil pressure with the oil being so hot and thin I wouldn't worry as much about it. Maybe slow down just a bit to help with things only. As far as the "new" radiators cooling better. I think copper cools the best but cost is much higher. New is likely better because on the outside there isn't buildup and bent fins. Inside of radiators shouldn't be plugged unless you used the wrong water (not distilled water) or put stop leak of some form in-but that will affect your heater core first since the coolant passages are smaller. I have new heater core and radiator in my 1.9 TD aaz car but no AC and my temps are pretty close to yours in the right conditions. 

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