[Vwdiesel] Fixed MK4 Window Switch

Andrew .Libby libbybapa at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 10:52:15 PDT 2014

I have owned a 2002 TDI Jetta Wagon for a over a year and love the car.
 The driver's side switches for the front windows are supposed to have two
"clicks" each direction.  If you push the switch to the first spot it is
supposed to act like a momentary switch and roll the window down (or up if
pulling to the first spot) and then stop when you release the switch.  If
you push past that location to the second position it is supposed to roll
the window all the way down (or up if pulled to the second position).  One
minor irritation ever since I got the car was that the first position for
rolling down did not work at all, ever, and the first position for rolling
up only worked sometimes.  The result was that trying to get the window
somewhere in between all the way up and all the way down could be a bit
tricky and take several tries going this direction or that...  Today I took
the switch and bezel out of the door(easy to do - look at online videos for
how to) and removed the multi-switch from the bezel (three screws).  I then
removed the 7 screws that hold the two parts of the switch case together
(size are visible and the seventh is in the middle under the part #
sticker).  I then pulled the rubber-like pad off the circuit board and gave
the contacts of the circuit board a squirt of Peavey Funk-out (available at
music stores) which is very similar to De-Oxit (available at music or
electronics stores).  Both products are AMAZING contact cleaners.  I then
reassembled the switch while the contact cleaner was still wet and plugged
it into the door.  I worked the switch up and down a bunch of times and it
gradually came back to rock-solid proper function in all positions.  I have
heard various bad things about the VW window switches, but in looking at
it, I found it to be well made.  I can see how the contacts might need to
be cleaned every so often, but doing so is very quick and easy.  The moving
parts are minimal so the switches, with proper use and contact cleaning as
needed should last an incredibly long time.

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