[Vwdiesel] Towing a Rabbit Pickup by the Front Bumper mounts?

Maynard echomhs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 12:32:15 PDT 2014

I've just struck a deal on a 1981 Rabbit Pickup Diesel LX. I'm hoping to
flat-tow it home using the universal adjustable tow bar I already have. It
looks somewhat like this:




I've used this tow bar before on older vehicles and I'm confident it will
get me where I want to go, but I won't have the luxury of fabricating the
mounting brackets on-site and I'm not going to have the opportunity to visit
the vehicle again prior to picking it up. I know the front bumper is mounted
to a pair of bumper mounts using two holes each in the mounts. I think I
could mount the tow bar's mounting plates to these bumper mounts, but I
neglected to measure the distance between these holes.


Could somebody measure the distance between these bumper mounting holes on
their own Rabbit and report to me? (I think it's somewhere around 4"-5", but
I need a pretty accurate measure if I want to pre-fab.) It appears that the
bumper mounts on this Pickup are solid steel connected to the frame, not the
shock-absorbing mounts I had on my 1984 Jetta.


I know I could rent a tow dolly or vehicle trailer, or even call AAA, but
none of those options is convenient to my situation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



'82 Westy Diesel

'86 DoubleCab Diesel

'11 Golf TDI


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