[Vwdiesel] Towing a Rabbit Pickup by the Front Bumper mounts?

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Tow dolly with a car without power is a piece of cake. Just use a
come-a-long and it'll go right up. I've done it plenty of times. Of course,
I also have one I can borrow without too much fuss, so that helps.
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> ussian Roulette, 4 of us done, who's next?>
> Well, I've towed the Rabbit, the pickup and another Rabbit or two,
>  a Dasher, for long distances and got away wiith it.  ;-)  Not condoning
> or arguing the point.  Just being "next".  :-D
>   We made brackets that clamped over/under the bumper and then to the A
> frame tow bar that came with the orchard Jeep.  Maybe I should stick with
> just a chain...  ;-D
>     Loren
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