[Vwdiesel] wiper relay

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 31 22:46:58 PDT 2014

 My thought is that if went back after jiggling the switch, then maybe the switch has some corrosion in it or something along those lines.  

Though it certainly wouldn't hurt to pull the relay and check for corrosion/dampness there as well.  It isn't uncommon for water to get in and drip into the fuse box/relays.

Dave Cook

 From: Doug <db53248 at windstream.net>
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Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2014 7:34 PM
Subject: [Vwdiesel] wiper relay

My Caddy has been sitting most of the Summer. Friday, I was driving it 
and it started raining. When I turned on the wipers on intermittent, 
nothing happened. When I tried continuous on hi and low nothing happened 
initially. Then, the wipers moved and stopped in the middle of the 
windshield. I kept changing positions and eventually got the wipers to 
go to home. What is going on with my wipers? Is this something that a 
new wiper relay will correct? It is an 81 Caddy with the intermittent 
wiper modification.
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