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try IDPartsyeap, sad, very quite Bryan Belman, Pt. Pleasant, NJ 04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD BEW, 100hp, 5sp -- running :<)04 Golf TDI PD BEW, 100hp, 5sp Tiptronic Auto -- running  :<)82 Diesel Westy 1.9TD AAZ -- running :<}70 Type 1 Beetle -- Running :-)

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Yep, been mighty quiet on this here list. Used to be quite lively but then you guys booted Hagar (ha ha) 

Anybody got a skid plate for a MK4 Jetta? I've been looking for one. My family now has three Mk4 TDI's. 
One green and one silver 99 sedans, and a blue 2003 Wagon. 

All the MK2's I had for so long went so long. 

Always good to hear from ya Loren. Doug 

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1. Porsche Diesel (lbaird119 at aol.com) 


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My daughter has a Cayenne S and we all like it. Only catch is that she really wants a diesel but they cost too much, even though Cayennes have experienced worse than Cadillac depreciation. If anybody comes across one below the mid $20K could you let me know? A fixer would naturally be fine too but I don't want the total price to exceed the mid to upper 20's. Just too much to pay for a depreciating car no matter how nice! 

Gee, been really quiet on the list. Everyone must be as busy as I've been this year! Just can't seem to get any car time in yet. :-( 

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