[Vwdiesel] Hi, I have a Type1 Beetle question, not diesel

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Thanks, I have found those as well.But the 74 steering column has some plastic that you can get out of the way.on the 70, it is all cast metal.

But, I think it will work the same.There is a secret spring to push and the entire thing will come up.Then there will be a small screw holding in the switch itself on the side of the tumble housing, I have seen this on older bus video's  I will try and put back to the web community and document and post mine process on U-tube as there do not seem to be any on a 1970.68-71 should be the same.but my ign. switch did say it was 70 only.so much fun for me.LOL
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> Bryan Belman wrote:
> Who may know how to change the ignition switch in the 70 bug.

Here’s a link to do it on a ’74.  It should give you a push in the right direction. 


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