[Vwdiesel] Porsche Diesel

lbaird119 at aol.com lbaird119 at aol.com
Sat Sep 21 17:59:36 PDT 2019

Well, my daughter finally found one that she liked the rice.  We drove  home, her 2013 Cayenne diesel with 92K on it, a couple days ago.  Showed 34mg for the trip  home from the Seattle area.  About double what the '06 V8 makes.  Doesn't even sound like a diesel.  :-(  It does sound meaner on acceleration, than the V8 Tho.  :-D Now the big question!  Anybody heard of any mpg improvements to do to these, that work?  I figure a 5" exhaust would be about right, but with harvest and cold season, I haven't had a chance to get under it and look to see how practical that is.  Definitely don't want to loose at least the essence of the sound it now has.  :-)  I presume there are chips or "tunes" out there for them as well.      Just thought I'd ask  in case anybody has any experience or friends that have.     Loren

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