[Vwdiesel] thermostat on 86 golf

Razvan Florea florear at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 24 10:13:30 EST 2021

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> can someone please tell me where the t.stat is located on an 86 golf n.a
> --
In my 84 na is right there(see picture). Just remove the lower rad hose then
the two screws that is fixing the hose neck(5 on the picture) and you reach
the thermostat.

My 93 td is still running at lower temps(60-70 C). In order to check the
therm. I have to remove the power steering pump. Can anyone tell if it is
the same thermostat (7) because I have one from the old 84 that works well


78 NA Golf
84 NA Golf
93 TD Golf

[ therm1.JPG of type image/jpeg deleted ]

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