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Is Audi & Dealer cutting me a deal ??

Well Folks,

I posted some days ago about my '87 5000S with a leaking rack and leaking
heater core (yes small puddle on the floor type of leak).

Took some running around and I got the car fixed with Audi paying for the
work on heater core and 50% of parts cost for the rack.

The total repair bill came to around $650.

There is no more hydraulic oil leak from the rack.

The smell of coolant in the car remains even after I repeatedly steam-clean
the carpet, chairs, and windows.  I don't see anymore leak from the 
ventilation vents (passenger side) and the coolant level in the tank stays
put.  So all the evidence says the cooling system is water tight.

They, however, broke one of those stud thing on the steering wheel which
the plastic horn cover presses on to.  Is there a fix to this ?? Or the
whole steering wheel needs to be changed.  I tried epoxy to glue the thing
back on but the plastic thing didn't hold.  Maybe I should try a real
plastic glue instead ??

Hopefully, this will be the end of major work for the car, at least for
a while.

					Tak Cheung