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5000A a/c

Thanks to those who replied about my a/c questions.  If others were wondering:

The system can be topped up if there is no moisture inside.  If its just a
little low, it is highly unlikely moisture could have gotten in.  The cheap
and dirty test -- if the accumulator inlet pipe is cooler than the 
outlet pipe, it needs a little more.  The better way to test it is with
pressure guages.  See any standard book on a/c for interpreting the readings --
they can tell you a lot about system status.

The inlet port is actually used by the low pressure switch (next to accumulator)
Bentley sez that you can replace the switch without draining system ---> ther
is a valve under there suitable for measuring low pressures and for charging
the system.

Finally, you should also consider that the a/c might be working fine but the
heater might also be on, especially given the net reported habits of the
delco a/c beastie.  Check that the heater door (the one operated by the 
bowden cable) is shut when the a/c is on max cool (60F or "Low").  The 
linkage is accessible from under the black plastic plenum cover.  You can
also look at/push the cable at the programmer when the glovebox is open
(look through crack between top of glove tray and bottom of dash).  You
also want to be sure that the heater valve is closed, so no hot water gets
into the heater core.  I haven't figured out how to do that yet.


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