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Simple-minded turbocharger ruminations ...

	Well, after looking at all the beautifully kept (and, in
	some cases, modified) cars belonging to the other Bay  Area
	folks at our informal meet on Saturday, I was inspired to
	think some more about this boost thang ...

	If Ned Ritchie's Stage I kit consists  of a stiffer
	wastegate spring and a chip only to prevent fuel-supply
	shutdown, it seems like a cheaper way to go would
	be get just the stiffer spring, and recalibrate the boost
	sensor electronics to increase the shut-down threshold.  I'm
	absolutely sure I'm missing something, because greater minds
	than mine have messed with this problem at length (even if one
	assumes that Ned's just a profiteer :-))

	Looking at the Bentley quite carefully yesterday, I couldn't
	figure out how the engine management computer senses manifold
	pressure (no entry for "boost sensor", for one).  In the wiring
	diagram, the boost gauge has a wire going to the engine
	management computer, but that's about it.  So ... anyone care
	to enlighten me?