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RE: Transmission problem?

On my 90, the gear oil drain plug is directly underneath the tranny and
the  fill hole is at the end of tranny on a vertical plane.  They both use a 
allen to open up.

One thing I have notice in my car is when my starter went out the
symptom was that periodically it would not dis-engage and would
cause a huge grinding noise from the bell housing.  Given that you
are complaining about grinding on dwonshifts most probably this is not
related.  Just an FYI....

Good luck,

> From: Alan Page
> To: quattro
> Subject: Transmission problem?
> Date: Monday, March 06, 1995 7:55AM
> I may have a transmission problem with my 1990 80Q. This weekend
> I heard what I thought was a slipping belt noise after a 20 mile
> trip around town. But after opening the hood, I noticed the noise
> was definitely coming from behind the engine.
> I also have fresh oil on some of the forward facing surfaces of
> the bell housing (engine oil?). There is also oil on the driver's
> side drive shaft. It looks older (much more dirt in it), but there's
> a good deal on the drive flange and the rubber boot.
> During the last few weeks, downshifting rapidly caused a slight
> grind of the gears. I assumed that I needed to adjust the clutch
> travel. If I downshifted normally, the grinding almost never occured.
> Does anyone know where the gear oil fill plug is the 01A
> transmission. I'm going to get under the car this week and take a
> look around. Any thing in particular that I should look for?
> Any ideas would be _very_ appreciated!
> Alan Page