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Re: Flaky speedometer revisited

On Tue, 7 Mar 1995, Robert L. (Bob) Myers wrote:

> A while back I asked about my flaky speedometer in my '89 200TQ. 
> It is still giving intermittent screwy behavior.  Sometimes it
> works perfectly.  Then, for no apparent reason, it will start to
> oscillate up and down.  Basically it's an on/off toggle with
> resulting rapid up and down needle motion.  The period of the
> oscillation is speed dependent.  Higher speed --> faster
> oscillation.  Of course, when this is happening the odometer
> does not work.  The computer readout (miles to empty, miles per
> gallon, average speed, etc,) are meaningless (GIGO).  Likewise,
> the cruise control doesn't work while the oscillation is
> happening. 

This is exactly what happened to my old (89) 90 quattro. It was only the 
speedometer sending unit located near the base of the front drivers half 
shaft. It cost me about $130 for the part, and it took about two minutes 
to install. Not saying that's whats happening to yours, but it sure cured