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Re: 82 4000s no start condition - results

<O>My next question as I'm about to add a oil pressure gauge, is how can I get 
<O>my gauges to stop twitching when my stereo hits a bass note?  Turning the 
<O>volume up has the effects of raising my oil temp. about ten degrees.  Go 
<O>figure. <O>
<O>TIA for your suggestions.
<O>Stott Hare
<O>82 4000s & 82 Scirocco 1.8l

How about a big ol' electrolytic capacitor across the +12V power line to your
amp? Then the amp should pull the transient current from the capacitor instead
of from the battery/alternator which is what's causing a voltage drop which is
probably what's making the gauges twitch.

<O>And where is the best place to connect the volt meter to get the 
<O>most accurate reading?

Depends what voltage it is you want to measure :-)