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Re: High Idle problems

> Mike make sure you turn that screw way down (think mine backed out to the
> tune of 6 or 7 turns), you should be able to stall the car (almost) as you
> reach the limits of the stabilizer...

6 OR 7 TURNS?????  Mine (hers, whatever) only turns a TOTAL of 1.5, stop to
stop.  I turned the screw in as far as it would go, then turned it out as far
as it would go, and 1.5 turns was the total distance from top to bottom.  Now,
I didn't crank hard on the screw, figured that when it got tight that was the
end of the usefull adjustment area.  Anyway, turning this screw had a very
negligeable effect, RPM's fluctuated about 100 from all the way in to all the
way out.  Is it possible the screw got all messed up inside some how?  I did
spray carb cleaner over the screw, but nothing happened when I did.  Someone
mentioned that air was supposed to bleed in around this screw, I think.  If
this is the case, shouldn't the idle have fluctuated when I doused the screw
with carb/throttle body cleaner?  Maybe I have more problems than I thought...
 I centainly didn't get anywhere near stalling the car, RPM's dropped to a low
of 1,750 when I had the screw turned all the way in.  Damn, this is a

'87 5000CS TQ