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Re: summer tires

   I'm looking for a new set of "summer" tires too.  I've been extremely 
   pleased with my Yokohoma A008RS road race tires and would like another 
   set of Yok's for the street.  What's the feedback on something like the 
   AVS intermediates or even the A509's?  Anybody used them?  Most people 
   seem to like the AVS, but they are a little pricey as I go through a set 
   of tires for the street about once a summer.  The A509's in the $60 or so 
   range are a little more in my budget.  196/60-14    FWD 4000S

I've been extremely pleased with the AVS A+4 that I have on my UrQ (and
previous vehicles as well). Excellant "all-round" tires.