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_Euro Car_ on Biturbos

  Excerpted from the April issue of _European car_, it is most timely
  given the recent talk of Maserati and the Biturbo in particular on this list.

  VINTAGE VIEWS        pg 112
  by Harry Newton

  .....Once famous for Grand Prix, sports cars and Indianapolis racing
  performances, Maserati quietly left our shores months ago, not at all
  surprising in light of moribund sales during more than a decade.
  Identifiable causes seldom are so easily traced in the demise of a
  nameplate in our industry. The Biturbo could be characterized as the
  runt of Mazerati's 1980s litter, a car with virtually no redeeming
  features, a model that seemed to taint everything it touced. It certainly
  killed its US distribution organization, poisioned its final corps of
  customers, and played a major role in the demise of the Zagato, whose
  Biturbo spider was equally lacking in merit..........The recently
  introduced fourth-generation Quattroporte appears to be as uninspired
  as was the Biturbo (the Yugo of luxury cars), and despite purported
  super-car performance capabilities, the for-racing-only Barchetta
  appears to be yet another nail in the Maserati coffin..........

  Too bad, I've always *LOVED* the looks and sounds of a properly running