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Re: summer tires

On 13 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Eagle GAs aren't dogs, they're quiet, smooth riding, long lasting
>   cruising tires. Great for 5000/100/200 type automobiles. Not the hot
>   setup for ur-Qs, S4s and other performance models, but just fine for
>   "typical highway use", strictly IMFO.

well, they are definitely quite average in terms of performance but
they are not cheap..  i find that goodyears tend to be overpriced in
relation to other brands of equal ability.  my dunlop d80v4's cost
less than GA's yet perform better in the rain as well as generating
even less noise.  

another good example are these eagle aquatreads.  outrageously priced!
buy the real thing (uniroyal rallye 440) for significantly less.  for
one thing you don't pay for the advertising costs.

and at the high performance end, BFG, dunlops Yokos offer more performance
for the same price or equal performance for less.

i also agree that people should stay away from anything that starts
with MXV..  quite possibly the worst tire you can get for that price.
performance car consistently ranks them at the bottom for comparison
tire tests.