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Re: We need a tire FAQ

>[from Jim Healey]
>>Howdy All
>>These summer/Winter/All Season tire questions keep
>>returning.  So we should probably develop a rating system
>>along with a little composition area for personal comments.
>Tire performance can be so subjective. How do we develop a standard to
>determine max grip in acceleration/braking/lateral loads. Degree of warning
>at the limit. Noise, comfort etc. All those salient facts we clamor for.
>Us curious minds wants to know.

We can't. We just ask people to describe the type of driving they do
and account for differences accordingly - ie people looking for
high performance can't really expect long wear but if the tire wore out
in 10K it would be worth noting

We should include car type (relative weight) and experience relative
to other tires ie. my RE-71s maintain grip far superior to MXV3s
 - the reader will just have to sort out contradictory opinions for a given

Any one give this any thought before? maybe on Porschephiles?

jim h
>Ernest Wong
>email: esw5@cornell.edu