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Re: 4000Q Vs ur-Q

As previously mentioned by glen, Bob and Neal:

>>>   standard leather interior
>>        Prefer velour beleive it or not.
>ur-Qs had a standard cloth interior. I've only seen
>two of these, though, and I recall at least one
>of them didn't have a sunroof.

The leather interior is indeed an option on model year 83s, the 
brown/green/orange velour was standard. Most ur-Qs came with leather, but if 
you look hard enough, you might see an 81/82/83 with the velour. On 84 and 
85s, leather was standard.

On US TQCs, there were only 4 options available, leather trim, heated seats, 
rear wiper and sunroof. California emmisions could count as a 5th I guess. 
The only ur-Q I have seen without the sunroof is an early euro car. I have 
seen 1 83 ur-Q without the rear wiper.

>>>   kevlar decklid
>>        why do they rust? ;)

The kevlar decklid appeared in model year 1985, the earlier cars have metal 
trunk lids, which due to their weight, go through trunk struts.

Jeesh, I am just full of these useless facts today...
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com