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Q Ventures

Welcome...  Regarding your co...  sounds to me like you need to get the co
adusted, you can do it yourself with a dwell (duty cycle 50%) meter, you may
have a blown cat, bad O2 sensor, but I know I pass emissions with my 87
"missing" cat and all, and I'm in the 320hp range...  The FI turbo cars pass
pretty easily...   Wheels?  Try a restoration shop, 2 advertise in the rags
pretty regularly, both out of PA if I remember correct...  Chances are that
the salt from the roads ate thru your finish, hard diy project...  Give Ned
Ritchie a call re your boost problems at Intended Acceleration in Olympia
WA...  He is very knowlegable on tq's...  My guess is that with the higher
altitude and the lower octane are the culprits...  fixable however...

87 5ktqRS2
86 5ktq stock