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215/60 Tires?

I've been following the latest round of "this is the best tire for..." and I'd
like to chime in with my experiences and some questions.

I currently have BFG T/A HR4 in 205/60R15 on a 5KCST.  I got 45K out of the 
fronts with another 5K to go on the rears.  I think this is great for the type
of driving I do and they got me through the '94 Ice Age we had last winter. I 
think these tires are fine for the price/performance I expect from the Audi.  
(I'm getting fat 275/40ZR17" T/A 3 for the 944 Turbo which satisfies my need 
for speed/handling on the track/autox).  

1. I'd like to get 215/60R15 which will fit on the 15X6 rims; by my 
calculation, these would be 1/2" higher unloaded and therefore negligible in 
terms of ride height/speedo error.  Anyone done this?  Didn't Audi change the 
OEM size to 215/60R15 for later years?

2. I came across a deal for Continental CV51 but they only have 2 205/60 and 2
215/60 left.  These are VR-rated tires and are only $50 each!! (usually $84).
Call me crazy but could I put the 205/60 in front and the 215/60 in back?  The
speedo reads off the drive wheels in front, right, so no speedo error?  OTOH, 
I'd expect increased understeer plus I lose the ability to rotate front to 
rear.  What about the ABS?  Will the different sizes confuse the sensors?  
If the net consensus is mixing sizes is a bad thing to do for the Audi, I'm 
still interested in 215/60R15 all around so same ABS question in this case.

I'm also installing Boge Turbo Gas struts/shocks and a Leistritz OEM muffler. 
<plug mode on>  I'm immensely satisfied with my dealings with Allen/Dave at 
German Parts and Restoration.  He had quoted me (from memory) a price of $8 
for 100W H3 driving lights for the 944 which I ordered with the muffler($198).
 When I got the invoice, it had the bulbs for $12.  I called up and to make it
up, they air-mailed me the rubber bump stops I needed for the struts.  
Stranos, OTOH, frequently screws up my orders and I'm considering dropping 
them from my list.

Thanks in advance for any pertinent advice!

P.S. I looked at an '87 5KTurbo recently. 120K, red/black leather, new 
struts/clutch/rack/exhaust/tires, no dents.  I think he may take $3k and I'm 
trying to convince my wife it's a good buy but she thinks the mileage is too 
high.  Anyone interested if I pass?

P.P.S. BFG offers $5/$15/$25 rebate per tire for 15"/16"/17" thru Team T/A. 
Steve Jagernauth	               	'87 951 Pearl Black (Track/autox)
AT&T BCS			  	'87 Audi 5K CST     (daily driver)
Bridgewater, NJ