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Was Honda V6--> 944 Turbo

Eliot writes in response to Bart's recommendation of a 944 Turbo:
>i don't like the *idea* of any 4 cylinder engine bigger than 2.0 liters.  it
>may work well with balance shafts but it's just not appealing to me. also
>porsche's turbo installations are no comparison to the lag free,
>flat-as-a-bowling-green-torque-curve audi ones.  lastly, if i opened up my

Too bad you don't like large turbocharged 4-bangers.  Especially, the 944 
designed by Porsche and mfg by Audi (I believe in Neckarsulm).
Since I own one of each ('87 944 Turbo and '87 5KCST), I can compare directly 
and I will agree the 944 has more turbo lag but only off the line.  Once it 
gets up to 2500, turbo lag is not noticeable.  The 944T is happiest when 
driven over 4000rpm.  The flat torque curve of the Audi is only an advantage 
if you don't like to shift.

>i don't think that a 944 has much to offer over my corrado g60.. i have so
>far only pumped it up with a stage 1 chip and i hear that a smaller
>supercharger pulley would really make it fly.  oh, and corrado g60 ownership

How about stock 217HP/~230 ft. lbs. torque at 5500rpm?  Don't forget Brembo 
4-pot calipers from the 911 Turbo at all 4 corners and huge vented rotors.  
As far as chipping goes, for $300, you can have 270 HP, reduced lag, slightly 
increased rev-limit, 165mph top speed, 0-60 mid-fives.  These are close to 
exotic-car numbers for under $12k. As far as all-weather driving, the 944 also
is very well-balanced with 50/50 weight distribution, throw on some skinny 
snow tires and it does fine.  At the risk of heresy here on the quattro list, 
IMHO you don't need AWD in a sports car.
Then there's the ltd-ed '88/'89 944 Turbo S - 247HP stock (300 chipped), even 
bigger 928S4 brakes, LSD, ABS, adj sport susp, the works for under $17k.  Most
of these cars have low-mileage and are well-cared for (even the track cars).

>to upkeep and the example that i test drove was quite slow, but i have not
>driven anything that pumped more adrenalin... just my personal experience.  

Drive the 944Turbo sometime just for the adrenalin rush.   


Steve Jagernauth	               	'87 951 Pearl Black 
AT&T BCS			  	'87 Audi 5K CST 
Bridgewater, NJ