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Cat heat shield rattling

> When I start off in first gear, and dog it a little bit (take it below a 
> normal idle) I hear this AWFUL tinfoil type rattle. Im sure it is the 
> heat shield around the exhaust, but I cant find where! I have been under 
> it twice and banged, rattled, hit etc... cant find anything! Any areas I 
> should look at?
> THanks
I had a more obvious rattle on the 5KQ shortly after I bought it.  I found that 
the heat shield for the catalytic converter had come loose and was rattling.  
The shield is part of the cat, and I'll be dog-gonned (or equiv) if I'm gonna 
buy a new cat just to fix this.  I took an appropriate hose clamp (sufficient 
diameter and rather wide) and cinched it down around the shield on the side of 
the cat closest to the engine.  Fixed the problem right up!

Other things to look for: exhaust hangers stretched too far, motor mounts, etc.
You might be able to crawl under the car and shake the exhaust system [rap it 
with a hammer?] to find out what the source of the noise is.

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