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thanks again

          Thanks again for all the help.  I just got the message I sent you on
my mailing list and am very relieved.  It's all cool now--no worries for now.
          Let me just tell you, I love the turbo quattro coupe.  I have only se
en one in my life.  I saw it in Colorado when I was skiing, and it was the most
 beautiful car I had ever seen.  It was Red with chocolate lthr interior.  It w
as in perfest condition.  While I was looking at it this hippy-lookin' dude cam
e out of the van next to it and asked if I was interested in buying it.  At fir
st I thought he was jocking, but then he told me he knew the guy who owned it.
 He told me the owner was an extreme skiier, like the one you'd see in ski movi
es, and he told me that the owner wanted $15,000 for it.  I said no.  But if I
had $15,000--Oh forget it.  I'd only be torturing myself.
         I also think these cars will be worth a lot of money some day.  There
are very few Ur-quattros.  It could also be an investment.  Just think, they we
re $35-40,000 when they were new.  $15,000 doesn't seem that bad.
                                       Well, Thanks again and keep in touch,
                                                  Dan Hussey