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Tried those 9004 55/100's in my 5ktq and found not much of a difference at hi
beam, but the low was a little better(?) . Gene Henderson at Comp Limited in
MI is a ProRally (and 1 Lap) guy from way back, he might be able to help you
on the aux liting...  Me, I have a bracket that holds a monster set of Hella
Rallye 2000 with 100w bulbs for those nightime speed runs....  A major
overkill but fun...  My suggestion is that you try and find the old
Cibie/Marshall Oscar 190+ (known as Oscar plusses), they are about 7in in
diam and  give one of the best beam patterns in the aux hi beam mkt...  Put
100w bulbs in two of the driving (come clear/amber fog, driving, and pencil
beam, 5 min change on the lenses btw) lights, and for the ultimate add 1
pencil 100w, there will be no deer missed for lack of lighting (had this on
my 81 ProRally scirocco with the 4 stock lights at 55/100w, too).  Watch that
mounting on the front, tho bob, the license plate bracket mounting is not
enough to keep lites  steady...  Taken apart the front end of my (128mph,
remember) buddies 90cq, not much in that bumper is sturdy, we ended up
welding to the bumper supports two bracket and tabs that stuck out about 2
inch from under bumper just inbound of the mounts, then bolt on lights .
 Went to top of lights with the stabilizer struts hidden under the hood quick
disconnect harness from trailer hitch.  Lights (Bosch 10inch driving) mounted
in about 2min...  The key is not to have any beam shake, it's hell on the
eyes bob...  If you need some more help on this install or chasing down the
oscars, let me know...  Much cheaper than popping for those eurolites with
the H4's...