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Re: lightin'

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

>  Went to top of lights with the stabilizer struts hidden under the hood quick
> disconnect harness from trailer hitch.  Lights (Bosch 10inch driving) mounted
> in about 2min...  The key is not to have any beam shake, it's hell on the
> eyes bob...  If you need some more help on this install or chasing down the
> oscars, let me know...  Much cheaper than popping for those eurolites with
> the H4's...
Thanks for your valuable input Scott, Thats exactly what I was looking 
for. The Oscar Plusses sound great, I would like to get two drivers and 
one or two pencils. The stock fogs are good for widening my field of 
view, and Im certainly not going to break any speed records in the fog, 
so that isnt a huge concern.  I like the Idea of 7" lites, 3 or 4 in 
front wont overtake the looks of the car....much....  :)
What would I expect to pay for something like that? I looked around my 
local stores today, nobody heard of them. (not a suprise, they date their 
sisters around here....) Could I get drivers/pencils in the same form 
factor? (Again, not a big deal if not...)
THanks for any help... looks like the hardes thing will be mounting them 
so they look good and can be removed fairly easily.


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