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Re: *A/D converters

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Arun Rao wrote:

> 	And just *how* did you manage to test drive a 959, you lucky
> 	canine :-)? Surely this is a story just waiting to be told ...
> 	(It *does* have AWD, so is kind of a quattro, isn't it?)
> 	-Arun

:) During my racing days (early 80's) I was at a race in June at 
Montreal's Villeneuve Stadium. I was doing some work for the lotus team 
(senna, DeAngelis) and we got some sneak preview stuff. Some of it was ok 
like the preview of the Buick Grand National, New Vette etc... At the end 
of the day was the TestaRossa, 959, anniv edition countach etc... We had 
our preference on what to drive, and since I worked at a Lambo dealer, 
the countach was no biggie, the Testarossa will be in the US in a while, 
and even though I *****---->HATE<----***** (apologies to some folks) 
Porsche, I figgered that would be the one to drive since I may never see 
one again. And they wont be imported into the US etc etc etc... I was 
right, never saw one again!

Had some really neat stuff,tire pressure gauges on the console, etc. 
Incredibly good power and balance. I actually liked it! Neat looks and 
everything, but really "gadgety". I dont like that...

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