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Re: your mail

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> One more question while Im on a roll,  ;-)
> I NEED more lighting on the front of my car... in the form of stock 
> replacements for the 9004's (or whatever is in there). What could I get 
> that will really put out some light?! I would like to keep low beams 
> pretty close to stock, but no limit on my highs. Rewiring, or adding 
> relays dont bother me...(electrical engineer ya know...)
      Competition Limited in Michigan has been VERY helpful with all of my 
lightin upgrades. They advertise in the back of EC. I installed a set of 
80/100 9004s in my significant other's 90 corrado. Comp. Ltd. sells a kit 
that includes a very nice harness and the bulbs. I know you could make the 
harness yourself, but I found it was actually cheaper just to buy the kit 
than to build one myself. The 80/100s work well and the low beams are 
still less offensive to other traffic than all the %#$%%@@#$ pick-up 
trucks with their lights pointed at your eyes. Perhaps if the aero lenses 
wwere the least bit efficient 80 watts would be inconsiderate, however I 
have yet to have anyone flash me. The improvement was pretty 
substantial.  However on low beam they still arent as good as rectangular 
h4s with 55 watts. Not that this is an option, but just wanted to offer a 
comparison.  My Ur-q has hella h1s and h4s with 80/100  and it is 
absolutely amazing.  I understand there is a problem with putting the 
lighting upgrades on late model audis due to audi's burnt-out bulb 
indicator.  I'm certain it can be bypassed. 
Hope this helps,