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No Subject

One more question while Im on a roll,  ;-)

I NEED more lighting on the front of my car... in the form of stock 
replacements for the 9004's (or whatever is in there). What could I get 
that will really put out some light?! I would like to keep low beams 
pretty close to stock, but no limit on my highs. Rewiring, or adding 
relays dont bother me...(electrical engineer ya know...)

I will try to add some nice round Hellas to the front (as soon as I can 
picture what the car will look like with them, and when I can  afford 
them) but they will be on a removable bracket off the license plate 
holder. (since Im not using my front plate,..oh no, lets not start that 
again!) :)

So for when the Hellas arent mounted to the car,  I would like some good 
High beams. My buddy got a set of 55/100's in his '87 4000sq, and I saw 
absolutely NO difference. With my car next to his, in the dark, Mine were 
still better, and they are stock!  Would like to avoid wasting money like 
he did (obviously) so any input appreciated.

BTW its a '91 90 20VQ in case you forgot. :)

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