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Re: Not an owner yet, plus some questions...

          Cripes, if he took the time to line the ashtray with felt so
          the coins wouldn't rattle, he prolly changed the oil once in
          a while right?  Wonder where he got the felt, btw, I've
          always used terry cloth!

Good Idea, I can't believe I never thought to do that!!

          Oh, today I stopped by BrookTree Auto in Holbrook (based on
          somebody's recommendation). Lots of sweet cars there. I took
          a pearl V8 for a test spin just to make sure that it
          wasn't an alternative to the pearl 200T...

Holbrook, MASS ?

          BTW, does anybody have any recommendations on bike racks for
          the 200 series. I have Thule stuff for my other car, the
          aforementioned swedishbrick, and would like to put a Thule
          setup on the Audi. Is the stuff the dealer sells the same as
          what an aftermarket shop would offer? Anybody have a used
          setup for sale?

I use a Thule on my 89 100 with great success.  The only gotchas are.....
Make sure the surface under the pads are nice and clean! or you'll scratch the 
out of it..... No I didn't do it :-)

I bring a spray bottle with simple green and some wash clothes when I go 
skiing so I can clean it up before I mount the rack again at the end of the 

BTW,  with 2 bikes mounted on it, it's still reasonably quiet at 90mph :-)

          Lee Levitt


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