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Re: Wagons.....

Hi Lee,


          Yep, Holbrook MA. A real candy store for the auto aficionado
          :) No wagons there...I have seen two wagons for sale, both
          '89s, neither with airbags. Clair has one for $12K, not a
          bad car, and there's one being sold privately in Easton for
          $7K. Sounds like a dog on the phone...

Where is CLAIR Audi ?  I called Every Audi dealer in the GLOBE today and
found an 89 100 Wagon that might come in on trade in April and another 88
5000cstq Wagon that might come on trade this week.  Still can't convince the 
wife to try the 5 speed though :-(
What makes you think the one in Easton is a dog ? (I talked to him tonight and 
will,.... well maybe was gonna go look at it next saturday when I get back 
from a business trip) Maybe you can save me a trip :-)

          Otherwise late model 100/200s are kinda slim pickins around
          here. We're going to end up with a sedan as a result. So I
          have to get the Thule rack. Thanks for the tip on the Thule

No Problem on the Thule,  I've used the same rack for three car's now, spent
about $25.- to $30.- each time for the ends though.... Better than buying a 
new rack each time I suppose....



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