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New to List, 86 5000TQ, ABS?

>New to list.....very informative. I had a 86 4000Q, nice car no problems. 
Sold it to buy a 1988 Landcruiser (dosen't handle as good). Then I bought a 
86 5000TQ, great car lots of problems, suspension bushings, water pump, pwr. 
windows and sunroof, brakes, temp guage inter., fixed everything but temp 
guage. Decided to go the next step,  bought a Sachs sport kit from Ron's 
Parts along with TSW EVO whls 15x7 with Dunlop D40M2 205/60/15 (tight fit in 
the rear!). 
>The suspension kit was the begining of my ABS problem.  After having the 
kit installed the ABS dash warning light came on, that was a year ago and 
it's still on! The shop that installed the kit refused to admit any fault, I 
didn't think they could fix it anyway so I took the car and my VISA to my 
local Audi dealer. After a $120 diagnosis (right frnt. whl. sensor) I 
replaced the wheel senor myself, still not fixed. My independant mechanic 
wouldn't even look at the ABS system. Next took the car to Biela Corp. in 
Sudbury, MA they said all the wheels were putting out signal to computer but 
that they didn't have equipment for futher testing. What next? Oh no not the 
dealer again! I suspect the ABS relay because the pwr.window/sunroof relay 
was bad but I can't afford another $120 expirement.
>Any sugestions on ABS syst.and or further modifications, anyone know where 
to get a good alignment in Boston area?
>Bob B.
>PS. have 84-87 4000 Bentley manual for sale or swap for 5000 manual.