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I just had my LH strut brg and bushing  replaced. The shop installed a 
new ABS sensor wiper ($6!!) as per service specs. They test drove the car 
and were satisfied. I piocked up the car and drove a mile and had the ABS 
OFF lite come on. Back to shop. They R/R'd both front wipers...same 
result. After a brief debate I convinced them to put the original worn 
wiper back on the right side. Problem gone. 
I've been here before but had a sensor that was backed out slightly cause 
the problem. I didn't even know about these pussy wipers. According to 
Bentley the wiper maintains the correct gap between reluctance pickup and 
teeth. The mechanic says that the wiper just cleans the teeth. The new 
wiper MUST have widen the gap enuf to keep the signal amplitude too low 
to operate the logic properly. 
The strange thing was that the ABS worked OK for the mechanic during his 
testing. It failed when I drove it and the distance travelled before the 
lite came on got progressively less. Yesterday about 2km while this AM 
about 200m.
Any comments or similar experience out there?
BTW, what is the address of the Home Page on WWW?

87 5000SQ