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*Broken pwr antenna


         I recently had the same problem.  My antenna motor was staying on, but
 the antenna wasn't going up or down, and I couldn't shut it off.  I was in Aub
urn, Alabama, and I was afraid my battery was going to go dead.  But, it wound
up burning out the antenna motor instead.  I was going to have it replaced when
 I found out the dealer wanted $800 to replace it.  No Way!!!

         So I decided I would rig it so I could push the antenna up and down ma
nually.  Here's what to do:
             1. Pull back trunk lining on left side to expose antenna workings.
             2. Unscrew cover off of the motor casing.
             3. Pull out the motor-innards of the pwr antenna.
             4. Coil the plastic antenna thing (not sure what you'd call it) up
  in the casing.
            5. Put the cover back on and rescrew it shut.

DO NOT!!! Unhook to clear plastic dranage tube, because the motor casing can fi
ll with water and leak behind the trunk mats.

     This was an easy temp fix up job--If I can do it, it's easy!  And saved me
 $800.  I usually leave the antenna up, but I can push it down if I need to.  I
 will probably replace it when I find someone parting out a 5000T and can buy a
 like-new Fuba antenna for $50-75.

                                 Dan Hussey