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Re: Flame bait

        Reply to:   RE>>Flame bait

> but i'm sure you do realize that alfa has pulled
out of the US market and that even appliance makers (by your definition)
audi and vw are not in too good a shape.  

yeah, i know.  of course it's so complex an issue - the effects of regulatory
constraints, marketing-based design changes, the moods and whims of an
uninformed public, etc. - that it's truly tough to derive any single answer. 
but i'll hold to my original tenet that all-in-all we're doing pretty well, and
that there's a rather good choice of stuff currently out there to choose from,
even in the USA.  and the japanese or
western european "more exciting cars" that never make it here are the exception
rather than the rule.  and besides, if all those pocket-rocket english and
german fords and hotted up toyotas and peugeots were available here, what would
we have to look forward to?  remember the renault R5?  how many of them sold in
the US?

oop, now i'm up to 4 cents.  sorry.

-- Peter of LBL