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Re: Flame bait

        Reply to:   RE>>Flame bait

>But that's because we also own an old Alfa and an old Ferrari, both of which
>the Audi absolutely outperforms in every respect on paper but are infinitely
>more sporting in character.
>The best thing about all this is that we all have so many cars to choose from,
>arguments over which is better really don't mean anything anyway.
>Does that help at all?

Only after we get to drive yer old Ferrari!
BTW, what Ferrari are we referring to?

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu

it's a 330 GTC, which is a mid-60's 4-liter v-12 (front engine, rear transaxle)
coupe.  and no, you can't drive it - even if it weren't broken right now!