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More newbie questions regarding my new 200T <VBG>


(I tried to send this message yesterday, but don't think it got through...)

I picked up the 200T (nonquattro) last night. 60K miles, sport seats, VG 
condition overall. Thing drives like a dream, very comfortable, fast, fun to 
drive, almost as powerful as my er Volvo (tm) ;)

Anyway, I have a few questions. The car is being checked out by my mechanic even
as I type. If all goes well, it's mine...if it falls off the lift, the deal's 

1. I've got a high pitched squeaking sound coming from the front of the engine. 
Sounds like nobody oiled the squirrel cage. Any thoughts on what this might be?

2. The driver's window hiccups at the bottom of its travel. Seems to skip a 
tooth or something. Any thoughts?

3. A couple of interior trim pieces are broken - speaker grille, one of the 
reading lamps, etc...any particularly good boneyards, er recyclers, for late 
model cars?

4. Where *does* one put extra switches on this car? There are *no* blanks in the

5. What's the hot ticket for hiding a small radar detector (original passport)? 
I'd tuck it up in front of the s/r motor, but the visor has a little nub that 
would bump it. I'm thinking of cutting off this nub and reupholstering the visor
or sealing the end and putting the passport on the headliner as noted...any 
other thoughts? Good place to find a spare visor to practice on?

6. Silly heated seat switch has lost a bulb. Am I better off getting a used one 
from the boneyard or trying to R&R the bulb in the one I've got?

7. Read the owner's manual front to back/back to front/upside down/every which 
away last night. Pretty cool stuff. The manual mentioned that Canadian cars have
daytime running lights. On $aabs all it takes to enable the DRLs on US cars is a
relay in the fuse box, or is it a fuse in the relay box <g>. Anyone actually do 
this on a 100/200? I expect to find an empty relay socket in the box, but 
haven't checked yet. There is a fuse position that drives the DRLs and one other
item, can't remember which. I assume that the fuse is already in...

8. Anybody know of a good source for used H4 headlamps for late model cars? I've
gotten prices on new ones of about $650 a pair. Ouch!

9. I'm also looking for a second set of wheels for this car - 1 set for summer/1
for winter. Can I use wheels from a 5000T or Quattro?

10. Anyone have a set of Thule feet/racks they want to part with?

Thanks in advance. I officially bought the car last night and have been having 
*lots* of fun already! Drives like a dream...

Lee Levitt