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DISC: Re: Subject line convention?

 > Just a suggestion....whaddyall think...
 > Considering that the different models of Audis seem to be different 
 > beasts, would a subject line convention help organize traffic a bit? 

Yes, it would for me. I was reading all the postings, but I'm getting
behind. Since I can only contribute in the 5000 (and VW GTI) area, the 
subject line will prompt me where to potentially chime in.

 > 5K/5KCS/5KTQ = 5000 variants (or 4K/4KCS..etc)
 > 80/90/80Q/90Q/90Q20V = 80/90 series
 > TQC = turbo quattro coupe (ie. Ur quattros...perhaps just UR:)
 > CPQ = coupe quattro (ie 89-91 coupe quattros)
 > GT = GT
 > S4/V8/A2/etc = whatever is appropriate for the newer makes
 > DISC = discussion pertaining to audi's in general

Good suggestions. Seems simple enough. It would be tough if it was too 
many options. Maybe later when we all get in the habit of doing this, we
may want to slice some more.

Now I just have to remember to do this ...

 > Chris

-- Eddi